Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bike trails for Handcycling

*Update* Thank you so much Bicycling Monterey for being a strong advocate for handcycling. On their website  they have pictures of a handcyclist and a mention of a handcycling race at an event called the Sea Otter Classic. It would be great to round up a group to do a race like that!
Also, CSUMB does have a handcycle to rent. I believe that to use the handcycle you would need to go through the Student Disability Services on campus.

Handcycling is a great exercise and even people with relatively weak hands can try it. It is also good for those who have balance problems or people who are recovering from strokes.

Monterey has really nice, accessible bike trails. It is safe and the views are spectacular. It is a fantastic area to ride a handcycle (a bike that is used for people with mobility disabilities/wheelchair user). Unfortunately, none of the bike-rental places in the Monterey area offer handcycles but they are a great purchase if you can get that opportunity. There is a foundation called Challenged Athletes Foundation that offers handcycles to individuals with disabilities. I have the link for that in the fourth paragraph :)

Some cities (ex. San Diego) offer handcycling sessions through the Parks and Recreation programs. I for one would be very excited to see something like this happening in Monterey. Unfortunately, handcycles are quite expensive; much more costly then regular bikes. Even handcycles for kids cost about $1,500.  Some foundations can help people with disabilities  to obtain bikes. Kids (younger then 18) can apply to  Athletes Helping Athletes for funds for a new handcycle. Heres is the link to Athletes Helping Athletes:

Adults with disabilities can try to obtain a grant for a sports equipment through Challenged  Athletes Foundation
 Mountain biking  (mostly downhill) is also a possibility. It's a bit scary, but loads of fun! I tried it at the National Sports Center for the Disabled in Winter Park, Colorado, but  probably there is some place closer in California where someone could do it and if there is PLEASE let me know, I am dieiing to try it out again!


  1. Hi. You're so right. It would be great to have handcycles widely available for rental here.

    Handcycling is included among Monterey County's bicycling resources on the main resources page at

    Type "handcycle" in the search window at to find photos of handcycling on the Monterey Bay coastal trail, along with other references (e.g., in "Back to the Books, and Bikes, in Monterey County," the availability of a handcycle at CSUMB is mentioned).

    As also mentioned at Bicycling Monterey, Sea Otter Classic featured its first handcycling competition in 2011. Read more about it at

  2. Thank you so much. I will definitely go to and type in 'handcycle' to see whats available!

    How exciting!